Miri Regev

New York Times' Jodi Rudoren whitewashes Israeli minister's call for genocide

Glowing puff piece makes light of Ayelet Shaked’s call for extermination of Palestinian civilians.

Israel bans Palestinian lawmaker Haneen Zoabi from parliament

Haneen Zoabi is accused of “incitement,” although Israeli politicians regularly call for the bloodshed of Palestinians.

Israel’s anti-African dragnet tightens

David Sheen
31 December 2014

Israel’s racist ringleaders have ramped up efforts to drive all non-Jewish African asylum-seekers out of the country.

Israel's ramped-up racist attacks on African refugees: "it's scariest when no one objects"

David Sheen explains the heightened racist treatment of African asylum-seekers in Israel; a report from Gaza after an Israeli drone strike kills two Palestinians; Amnesty International condemns “trigger-happy” Israeli soldiers; and music by Revolution Makers.

Racist ringleaders 2013: Israel's war on Africans intensifies

David Sheen
19 December 2013
Close-up of men wearing winter coats sitting at night

The persecution of asylum-seekers has only got worse this year.

The dirty dozen: Israel's racist ringleaders

David Sheen
12 December 2012

Naming and shaming those most responsible for Israel’s persecution of African refugees.

Africans fear more violence as Knesset members incite racism in Tel Aviv

Mya Guarnieri
Tel Aviv
11 June 2012
Violence against Africans in Israel — and inflammatory rhetoric by Israeli parliamentarians — is nothing new, and is on the rise.

Israeli lawmaker Miri Regev: "Heaven forbid" we compare Africans to human beings

An Israeli lawmaker who called African migrants a “cancer” during a violent anti-African pogrom, has now apologized for likening African migrants to human beings.

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