Ireland’s biggest food retailer drops Israeli produce as European boycotts surge

The biggest food distributor in Ireland announced last week it had withdrawn Israeli products from its shops. Meanwhile, other major European retailers appear to have quietly taken similar decisions.

Sainsbury’s supermarket pressured over Israeli land-grab firms

Campaigners take part in a dabke flashmob inside a Sainsbury's supermarket in London to protest it's sale of products supplied by Israeli companies that take part in the colonization of Palestinian land
Protests across 30 UK towns and cities condemn Sainsbury’s over its links to Israeli fresh produce exporters Mehadrin and Edom that operate in illegal Israeli settlements.

Hundreds march on French headquarters of Israeli produce exporter

More than 350 people marched from Avignon to the French headquarters of Mehadrin, an Israeli agricultural export company that plays a leading role in the colonisation of Palestinian land
More than 500 people took part in a demonstration against Mehadrin, which is deeply involved in the ongoing colonization of Palestinian land.

Podcast: Hundreds protest outside Israeli jail in solidarity with hunger striking prisoners

Palestinians launch protests across the West Bank demanding the release of political prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails.

UK supermarket sells fruit from illegal settlement as "made in Israel"

Israeli companies lie so routinely about the origin of their produce that EU plans to introduce new labeling guidance will probably prove unworkable.

Israeli water firm drying up Palestinian springs, says UN report

Eighty percent of water drilled in the Jordan Valley is consumed by Israel and its illegal settlements.

Day of action to target Israeli settlement firms as new research reveals complicity with colonization

Palestinian agricultural organizations are calling for a worldwide campaign against trade with Israeli settlements.

Is Palestine going mainstream in British politics?

Asa Winstanley
17 July 2012
Major politicians in the UK are increasingly unafraid to talk critically of Israeli policies, and some are even advocating a national ban on products made in illegal Israeli settlements.

In BDS milestone, UK supermarket chain to boycott Israel firms doing business with settlements

Palestine solidarity campaigners celebrated news that The Co-operative Group – commonly known as The Co-op – has decided to expand its boycott of goods produced in Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land into a complete boycott of companies that source any goods in settlements.


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