Mark Yudof

Victory for campus free speech as US Dept. of Education throws out “anti-Semitism” complaints

The US Department of Education has thrown out three separate legal claims filed by Zionist students against the University of California.

California university chief admits failure to curb divestment campaigns

University of California’s President Mark Yudof sees Palestine solidarity activism on campuses as a “problem.”

UC Santa Cruz students to administration: Break the institutional silence on lecturer's hate speech

A lecturer at UC Santa Cruz, who was caught making racist remarks, has initiated yet another round of attempts to smear and legally harass students.

UC President Yudof to attend Israeli conference boycotted by Stephen Hawking

University of California president has led previous trips to Israel sponsored by the hawkish American Jewish Committee.

California lecturer caught on racist speech video threatens legal complaint after student campaign

A lecturer at UC Santa Cruz is bullying and threatening students involved in Palestine solidarity organizing.

US university lecturer's shocking hate speech against Arab, Muslim students condemned

Video shows anti-Palestinian campaigner smearing campus activists as anti-Semites with terror ties.

Podcast: University of California's direct role in "disparaging" campus Palestine activists

Liz Jackson talks about how civil rights groups are challenging the University of California as a climate of fear silences Palestine solidarity activism and Palestinian and Muslim students.

Climate of fear silencing Palestinian, Muslim students at University of California, rights groups warn

University of California administrators have “exacerbated” climate of fear that chills Palestine solidarity activism, say legal groups.

Civil rights advocates condemn California Assembly's passage of "anti-Semitism" resolution

The California State Assembly passed a resolution that calls for state colleges to “increase efforts to swiftly and unequivocally condemn acts of anti-Semitism on their campuses.” The real intent is to further suppress Palestine solidarity activism.

Bogus allegations of "anti-Semitism" create real climate of fear for Arab, Muslim students in US

Nora Barrows-Friedman
8 August 2012
The real intention of various lawsuits alleging anti-Semitism in universities is to chill Palestine solidarity activism and censor open discussions about Israeli policy in classrooms.


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