Mark Regev

Israeli lies go unchallenged on BBC's flagship current affairs show

Presenters display aggression toward Palestinian interviewees, yet give Israeli spokespeople an easy ride. 

BBC agrees to air Gaza charity appeal after getting Israel's permission

The BBC seems to think it needs permission from Israel to broadcast a simple charity appeal for Gaza.

Israel killing, intimidating journalists amid Gaza communication blackout

The latest journalist to be killed, Rami Rayyan, was reporting on families going to the market during what they thought was a four-hour ceasefire.

Why does the BBC plead ignorance on Palestine?

Senior BBC editors and presenters make some startling admissions when questioned on why they pander to Israel.

BBC defends false claims linking Rachel Corrie to killings of Israeli soldiers

Amena Saleem
3 April 2013

The BBC misinformed its audience in covering the Rachel Corrie case.

BBC's cruel excuses for ignoring Palestinian hunger strikes

Amena Saleem
10 January 2013

The BBC cites bizarre criteria in defense of its refusal to cover protests in Israeli jails.

Human Rights Watch: Israel’s justifications for killing journalists are “evidence of war crimes”

Official statements showing Israel’s intent to target journalist are evidence of war crimes, says rights group.

When Israel says it doesn't target journalists, it is lying

Israel’s bombing of media building in Gaza is not the first time it has targeted journalists.

As Israel assaults Gaza, BBC reporting assaults the truth

Amena Saleem
16 November 2012

Shortcomings identified by 2006 independent report on BBC’s Palestine coverage exemplified over past few days.

BBC Rachel Corrie coverage omits facts, lets lies go unchallenged

Amena Saleem
31 August 2012
Its coverage of the Rachel Corrie trial verdict marked a new low for the BBC.


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