Getting to the bottom of marc3pax, Israel’s gay flotilla hoaxer

A few months ago, I shared on this blog a video by UK writer Jon Ronson investigating the marc3pax hoax that The Electronic Intifada exposed in June 2011. This week, Ronson published his interview with Omer Gershon who evades serious questioning about the hoax video.

Doc on manipulation on the Internet begins with anti-flotilla hoax busted by EI

Welsh journalist and author Jon Ronson has begun a documentary project called “Esc & Ctrl” on The Guardian’s Comment is Free blog about efforts to control people and influence opinion online. In the introduction to the series, he explains his vision and methods for the series:

Escape and Control: Stories About People Trying To Control The Internet

Firm that produced anti-flotilla video works for Israeli government

The Israeli production company Zed Films that made the anti-flotilla propaganda video “Sex with the Psychologist” lists the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, the Government Press Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other official Israeli bodies as its clients. Does this indicate that this and other recent propaganda videos are the work of the Israeli government?

Ali Abunimah explains marc3pax video hoax on France 24 Arabic channel

In an interview on the France 24 Arabic channel’s program Aswat al-Shabaka, The Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah explains how the marc3pax video hoax was debunked and how it fit into Israeli efforts to discredit the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

What does fraudulent "anti-gay flotilla" video tells us about Israeli hasbara strategy?

Last Saturday, The Electronic Intifada revealed the true identity of “Marc,” the star of a YouTube video, who claimed to be a disillusioned activist turned away from the Gaza Freedom Flotilla because he’s gay. He was in fact Omer Gershon, a minor celebrity in Tel Aviv’s club scene.

Israeli officials contradict each other over Gaza flotilla "extremism" claims

Israeli officials are flatly contradicting one another about claims the upcoming Gaza Freedom Flotilla is made up of “extremists” and supports “terrorists.

Israeli actor in anti-Gaza Flotilla pinkwashing video identified

The disillusioned “gay activist” called “Marc” who appeared in a YouTube video condemning the Gaza Freedom Flotilla for alleged homophobia, that was tweeted by the Israeli Government Press Office, has been identified as an Israeli called Omer Gershon.

Israeli prime minister's office staffer confirms to EI he promoted pinkwashing video

One of the first people to disseminate a mysterious YouTube video condemning the upcoming Gaza Freedom Flotilla has confirmed to The Electronic Intifada that he works at the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Pinkwashing: "Mother Teresa with a keffiyeh" by marc3pax

“Marc,” a previously unknown “gay activist,” has released his first ever video on YouTube. It’s a perfectly edited, slickly produced, funny but also very sincere inquiry into the Gaza Freedom Flotilla 2.

Who you get in bed with- human rights, gay rights

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