Freedom Theatre UK tour kicks off despite right-wing media attacks

A scene from the Freedom Theatre play The Siege, which tours the UK throughout May and June 2015.

Tabloid press calls Palestinian play “pro-terrorist” — but cites critics who have never seen it.

Exporting repression from Ulster to Palestine

Why have former officers from the Royal Ulster Constabulary been put in charge of an EU police operation in the West Bank?

Israeli settlers spread lies about Palestine solidarity campaigners with "love Hitler" video

Man expressing pro-Nazi views shown to be unconnected to “boycott Israel” activists in Manchester.

Interview: Launch of Leila Khaled biography by EI contributor canceled after Zionist pressure

The cancelation of the Manchester launch of Leila Khaled: Icon of Palestinian Liberation has only brought the book broader publicity, says author and Electronic Intifada contributor Sarah Irving.
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