Literary journal "Wasafiri" launches Palestine special edition

“Lawyer with a soul” Raja Shehadeh contributes essay on the importance of “vision.”

Did Blair seek Palestine post for cop criticized in racist murder probe?

Jonathan McIvor was the most senior officer on duty the night Black teenager Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death; McIvor went on to set up the EU’s first “security” operation in Palestine.

Gaza artist displays paintings in rubble of bombed home

Artist Raed Issa holds up one of his damaged paintings in his bombed-out house in Gaza
Raed Issa wants his works to “haunt” the perpetrators of war crimes.

Gaza-Britain theater collaboration to launch in London

First stage of international production of Tolstoy’s War and Peace will go forward despite recent attacks on Gaza.

"Open Bethlehem" film documents fight against wall, settlements

Palestinian filmmaker Leila Sansour calls attention to her city’s encirclement.

Protester against Israel's land theft remains jailed -- four months after arrest

Human rights groups complain to UN over how Murad Shtaiwi has been denied a fair trial.

Scottish independence could be positive for Palestine

Military equipment made in Fife has been used during Israel’s attack on Gaza.

Gaza artist's home destroyed by Israeli bombs

Raed Issa standing beside the apartment block that was previously his home, and that of eight other households
Raed Issa, whose work has been shown around the world, “tries to retrieve life and work from the rubble.”

UK denies visa to Palestinian theater director

Nabil al-Raee told that UK thinks he will remain in country for “extended periods.”


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