Fighting the occupation with a needle and thread

Yara Hawari
5 March 2014

Ramallah-based fashion designers of Ibra wa Khayt use old Palestinian clothing to make modern garments.

Turning the Palestinian right of return into a practical reality - video

Palestinians have fiercely defended their right to return. But what would return actually look like and how can they make it happen? A thought-provoking video from Badil gives an introduction to some of the practicalities and ongoing efforts.

No abandoned land: Palestinians tend ancestors' graves in village ethnically cleansed in 1948

“Anybody who wants to buy or make plans [for our land] must know that these are our graves, our houses, our olive presses, our springs, our trees and our stones.”

"Gaza Fashion Week" comes to London art gallery

Sarah Irving
5 February 2013

Militarism is mocked with exuberance in a new exhibition.

Jerusalem family anxiously awaits return of son after 25 years in Israeli prison

Palestinian detainee Jihad al-Obeidi will soon be freed after 25 years in Israeli prison.

World bodies must act now to save Lifta

Antoine Raffoul
2 December 2011
The World Monuments Fund rejected a petition to have Lifta, a destroyed and ethnically cleansed Palestinian village, officially included in their protected heritage site list.

NY Times' Jerusalem property makes it protagonist in Palestine conflict

Ali Abunimah
2 March 2010


The New York Times’ Jerusalem bureau chief lives on property Israel seized from Palestinian refugees forced to leave their homes during the Nakba in 1948. EI’s Ali Abunimah reveals for the first time details of The Times’ acquisition and use of this property and the story of the Palestinian family whose home it was. What are the implications for its reporting of a case that places the “newspaper of record” at the heart of the Palestine conflict?

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