Labor Friends of Israel

Love Israel? If you're a British MP, join the queue

Labor leader Ed Miliband’s recent declaration of support for Zionism follows a familiar pattern among the British ruling elite.

UK's Jewish Chronicle propagates anti-Semitic slander to rally support for Israel's Gaza war crimes

A pro-Israel newspaper promoted anti-Semitic slander on their website Friday. The story’s headline claimed “Unanimous UK Jewish community support for Israel” for its current attack on Gaza.

Why Palestine is a key issue for UK trade unions

Sarah Colborne
United Kingdom
24 September 2012
Members of the Trades Union Congress in the UK unanimously voted to campaign towards ending Israel’s devastating siege on Gaza.

Is Palestine going mainstream in British politics?

Asa Winstanley
17 July 2012
Major politicians in the UK are increasingly unafraid to talk critically of Israeli policies, and some are even advocating a national ban on products made in illegal Israeli settlements.

Complaint filed over secret donors to "friends of Israel"

Electoral Commission in UK asked to investigate omissions in financial information for influential Zionist groups.

Is UK "friends of Israel" group breaking law on political funding?

Labor Friends of Israel refuse to disclose where they get their money.
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