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Palestine solidarity goes mainstream in UK as 100,000 march in London

Boycott, divestment and sanctions is “the only thing that will frighten Israel,” rock star Brian Eno told massive crowd in London on Saturday.

Protesters force BBC to confront its pro-Israel bias

Thousands of protesters blocked BBC’s London headquarters, demanding that BBC report the reality in Gaza.

BBC says no to occupation profiteer G4S after major campaign

A campaign backed by film directors, Ken Loach and Mike Leigh, and novelist Ahdaf Soueif, calling on the BBC not to award a multi-million pound security contract to G4S has been successful.

Why won't BBC let Nigel Kennedy denounce Israeli apartheid?

Filmmaker Ken Loach and rapper Mic Righteous have also had comments supporting Palestinians removed by the broadcaster.

Prisoners day marked with global actions against G4S as Scottish union congress endorses campaign

In at least 11 countries, actions and events focused on G4S, the British-Danish security company that is contracted to provide and maintain security equipment at Israeli prisons including control and monitoring systems

Alice Walker, Roger Waters, and activists to writer Antonio Muñoz Molina: Don't cross the picket line

Spanish writer Antonio Muñoz Molina is due to accept the Jerusalem Prize from Israeli President Shimon Peres this weekend, despite calls from a wide range of activists to respect the boycott call.

Israeli lies unchecked, Palestinian perspectives censored on BBC

Amena Saleem
24 August 2012
Film director Ken Loach recently learned that for the BBC, Palestine remains a taboo.

Book review: "BDS provides a way to break our collective chains"

Rod Such
14 July 2012
The Case for Sanctions Against Israel offers background not only for boycott, divestment and sanctions activists, but also for those new to the issue.

Why is the BBC so afraid of the word "Palestine"?

Amena Saleem
2 February 2012
This week, the BBC issued its final ruling on a controversy which has been raging for nearly a year after the words “Free Palestine” were censored from a freestyle rap played on Radio 1Xtra.


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