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Playwright Wallace Shawn translates ADL ad justifying Israeli child murder into plain English

The ad, which appeared in The Hollywood Reporter and was signed by Hollywood executives, quotes a famous statement by Golda Meir justifying Israel’s slaughter of Arab children during her time.

Academic heavyweights slam Univ. of Illinois firing of Steven Salaita for Palestine views

The campaign against Salaita is almost certainly motivated by the fact that he has been an outspoken and effective campaigner for the boycott of Israeli academic institutions complicit in Israel’s crimes against Palestinians.

Al Jazeera once again removes Joseph Massad article on Palestine

The article “The Dahlan Factor,” appeared for several hours on the Qatar-based broadcaster’s website but was later removed amid claims of “defamation.”

My new book “The Battle for Justice in Palestine”

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my new book, The Battle for Justice in Palestine. It has been called “a crucial book at a crucial time.”

Ten things we've learned about opposition to academic boycott

For defenders of Israeli colonization, hysteria arises where imagination fails.

"Shooting Revolution" film brings to life PLO's heyday in Lebanon

Forthcoming documentary aims to provide an audiovisual testimony of the Palestinian liberation struggle to younger generations.

Video: Joseph Massad on Zionism’s strategy of “Peace is War”

Asserting its “peaceful” intentions while waging colonial war against Palestinians and other Arabs has always been central to Israel’s propaganda, says Columbia professor.

Twenty years on, Palestinians refuse to be defeated by Oslo

The Oslo accords tried to bury the Palestinian cause, and dealt it severe setbacks. But twenty years later, a new generation of Palestinians are reclaiming their struggle.

Limited solidarity with Palestine in Schulman's "Queer International"

Jack Irmas
31 July 2013

“Israel and Pinkwashing” author’s new book is an interesting read, but falls into some of the traps it ostensibly aims to criticize.

Al Jazeera roiled by US manager’s decision to censor Joseph Massad article

Fears about the effect of op-ed’s criticism of Zionism on the launch of Al Jazeera America motivated top manager Ehab Al Shihabi’s move to remove article.


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