Jodi Rudoren

The New York Times agrees to be gagged by Israel

Following criticism by The Electronic Intifada of how it handled Majd Kayyal’s case, The New York Times is forced to review its policies on observing Israeli gag orders censoring.

How the New York Times silences Palestinians

Under the regime of New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren, the silencing of Palestinians has plumbed new lows.

NY Times “correction” on Israeli settlements gets the facts wrong

A plain reading of the “correction” is that it is an effort to mislead readers into thinking the United States has never considered Israeli settlements to be illegal.

Blog linked to Israeli army calls for murder of Palestinian children

“He should have been shot and killed already,” Israeli army-linked blogger says of Palestinian child arrested four times.

Why is New York Times reporting on Israeli settlements so timid?

Is the resort to timid and euphemistic language a form of reflexive self-censorship to avoid the wrath of the anti-Palestinian lobby?

Responding to New York Times Public Editor's smear against me

I sent this letter to Margaret Sullivan, the Public Editor of The New York Times today

Turning Palestinian water into Jewish wine or When Jodi met Dani

Israeli settler chief Dani Dayan seems to be the New York Times man of the month. First an OpEd and now aspotlight interview with Jodi Rudoren, who writes more like a fan than a journalist.

When will The New York Times address the ongoing ethical problem at its Jerusalem bureau?

It has been two months since the latest serious allegations of a conflict of interest at The New York Times Jerusalem Bureau, but no one at the newspaper has yet addressed them.

Take action now: Amnesty issues urgent alert for Palestine hunger strikers who are near death

Amnesty International today issued a call for Urgent Action from individuals around the world to contact Israeli authorities about Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahleh, two Palestinians men who are at immediate risk of death on their 67th day of hunger strike.

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