In Israel, Canada embraces the racism it abolished at home

Yves Engler
29 November 2013
Benjamin Netanyahu and Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper will speak at the Jewish National Fund this weekend, an organization intimately tied to Israel’s laws that discriminate against its non-Jewish citizens.

EU bank finances Israeli power plant as nearby Bedouins face demolitions

Luxembourg-based institution has a track record of helping firms involved in dispossessing Palestinians.

Video: Bedouins resist Israeli plan to expel 40,000 and “Judaize” their land

Israel considers the Bedouins to be intruders and trespassers on their own lands, even though they are nominally citizens and their villages were their long before the state.

South Africa ambassador rejects gift from Israel, condemns “replication of apartheid”

Ambassador condemns “racist actions of the Israeli parastatal, the Jewish National Fund, together with various other Israeli state institutions to forcibly remove the Palestinians and Bedouins.”

Jewish National Fund UK faces official questions over racial discrimination

Under fire from campaigners, Charity Commission reluctantly agrees to look into JNF’s British charities.

Internal documents show Canadian tax agency protected Jewish National Fund from scrutiny

Yves Engler
24 April 2013

The Canada Revenue Agency is questioned on the legality of JNF’s charitable status.

Palestine activists call on Netherlands prince to disassociate from JNF water project

The Jewish National Fund-Netherlands branch dedicating Naqab/Negev water project to the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander.

Israel's incoming defense minister evaded war crimes arrest, called Palestinians "cancer"

Moshe Ya’alon is expected to become “defense” minister of Israel on Monday, but is beloved by racists like Pamela Geller.

Subscription offer from liberal Israeli newspaper helps JNF, a "charity" implicated in ethnic cleansing

Give your money to the liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz and you may be indirectly helping to expel Palestinians.

JNF's loss of half UK charity revenue good news for Palestinians

A little over one week ago, the Jewish Chronicle led with a huge story about the UK branch of the Jewish National Fund: “JNF loses half its revenue,” the front page story said. Oddly enough, the story seems not to be available on the JC website. Pro-Palestinians activists have been sharing the story online via social networks.


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