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UK High Court backs shutdown of Israel conference

Judge backs University of Southampton decision to “withdraw permission” to hold conference on legality of state of Israel this weekend.

Lawfare in retreat as Israeli colonel drops case against union

Public sector union Unison says it’s pleased Moty Cristal has dropped his case against them and against the UK’s National Health Service.

Israel's incompetent global campaign of "lawfare"

Pro-Israel groups are using court venues around the world in an attempt to stilfe the Palestinian-led boycott campaign, but are having surprisingly mixed results.

Israeli colonel sues UK National Health Service and union for “indirect discrimination”

Israeli army negotiator Moty Cristal is seeking financial damages and an apology because a workshop he was due to speak at was canceled.

BBC series to culminate in "historian-Zionist" making "moral case for Israel"

Major documentary series The Story of the Jews will conclude with gushing argument for “the moral case for Israel.”

BBC editor urged colleagues to downplay Israel's siege of Gaza

Internal emails reveal how Raffi Berg asked journalists to tone down criticism of Israel.

Speech groups slam BBC over Nigel Kennedy "censorship"

Index on Censorship and English PEN have spoken out against the BBC’s removal of Nigel Kennedy’s references to Israeli apartheid from television broadcasts.

UK anti-boycott activist spoke at Islamophobic conference

Ronnie Fraser, who sued his own union for discussing boycotts of Israel, featured at conference with Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders, Daniel Pipes.

Irish academics' union votes to "cease all cultural and academic collaboration with Israel"

Comprehensive Teachers’ Union of Ireland motion is first of its kind in Europe, say activists

Revealed: UK anti-Semitism watchdog charity helps lead Israel anti-boycott group

The Community Security Trust claims to be a an apolitical charity that only combats anti-semitism, but once again its anti-Palestinian agenda has come to light.


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