Jerusalem light rail

Jerusalem light rail is a symbol of Israeli oppression

Transport companies Veolia and Alstom assist Israel with the Jerusalem light rail, but the project has turned into a symbol of Israel’s oppression against the Palestinian people.

Occupation profiteer Veolia excluded from $750 million contract in Kuwait

The MLK Labor Council is also seeking that King County, Washington sever its ties to the French corporation.

Palestine activists, labor and environment groups in US unite against Veolia

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
4 March 2014

Palestine solidarity activists have forged a growing coalition with environmental and labor groups to organize against Veolia.

Veolia, feeling pressure, launches attack on Israel boycott movement

Veolia says it has sold its Israeli bus lines, but the company is still profiting from Israeli violations of Palestinian rights.

EU refuses probe into why it rewarded contractor for apartheid tramway

Gilad Rafaeli worked on light rail system in occupied Jerusalem at the time he secured science grant from Brussels authorities.

"Earthquake" over, EU boasts of aiding Israeli boffins

Universities with ties to Israel’s military industry will continue benefiting from the EU’s largesse.

Disappointing French ruling on Veolia still paves way for suing occupation profiteers

Adri Nieuwhof,
Jeff Handmaker and
Daniel Machover
7 May 2013

Versailles court dismisses appeal over French corporations’ involvement in Jerusalem light rail project.

Veolia suffering "expensive" damage due to Palestine campaigners' publicity, says financial expert

Hege Sjo says the French multinational’s reputation has been damaged due to its role in Israel’s abuse of Palestinian rights.

Israeli ministry confirms Veolia still owns West Bank landfill, despite corporation's repeated denial

Israel confirms that Veolia owns and operates Tovlan landfill contrary to claims by the company that it has sold its interest.


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