Bedouin forced to live beside dump contract unknown diseases

Lucy Westcott
New York City
3 June 2013

Doctors unable to say what ailment is affecting indigenous people.

UN official calls for action, as Volvo machines used to demolish Palestinian homes

Volvo Group has not halted the use of its equipment in the demolition of Palestinian property in the occupied West Bank.

EU chief polishes Palestinians' chains

The EU’s police support mission in Palestine is facilitating massive abuses of human rights.

Blair aide evades political reality in walking guide to West Bank

Sarah Irving
29 May 2012
A proper hiking guide to “off-the-beaten-track” routes in the West Bank offers excellent practical information but ignores the political reality that has changed Palestine’s physical landscape.

Shakespeare in Palestine: theater director speaks on Arabic version of Richard II

Sarah Irving
27 April 2012
Iman Aoun, artistic director of Ramallah’s Ashtar theater group, discusses the upcoming performance an Arabic-language version of Shakespeare’s Richard II at the Globe Theater in London.

The beautifully-paced rage of Mourid Barghouti's latest memoir

Sarah Irving
19 April 2012
Mourid Barghouti’s I Was Born There, I Was Born Here is for anyone in your life who needs to understand the pain, the absurdity, the injustice, and the devastatingly predictable unpredictability of life for ordinary Palestinians.

A Night of Dreams: From Jericho to Jerusalem and Jaffa

Part 3: Here I write about the best part of my travel story — adventure in my forbidden homeland.

Volvo misses the mark on responsibility for the protection of human rights

Volvo Group refuses once again to take action against the use of its equipment in the demolition of Palestinian homes by Israel. Multinational enterprises have a responsibility to protect human rights.

Video: "Think of the crimes you are doing to the people" - protestors challenge Israeli road apartheid

Today Palestinians attempted to drive on the road from Jericho in the Jordan Valley in the Israeli occupied West Bank, up to Ramallah. As many of the roads in the occupied West Bank are reserved for the exclusive use of Jewish settlers, Palestinians found themselves violently blocked, and then arrested by Israeli occupation forces.

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