Jamal Juma’

Israel kills human rights defenders and their families

Israel’s refusal to allow human rights organizations entry to Gaza reflects a pattern of disrespect for the work of human rights defenders.

Gaza rejoices in prisoner release but 5,000 Palestinians remain in Israeli jails

Joe Catron
Gaza City
21 August 2013

Some of those released were nearing the end of their sentences.

Israel charges Stop the Wall activist with supporting prisoners

Patrick O. Strickland
5 June 2013

Hassan Karajah is on trial for organizing protests urging the release of fellow Palestinians.

Amnesty calls on Israel to release Palestinian academic jailed "to deter left-wing activists"

“Prisoner of conscience” Ahmad Qatamesh has been held for two years without charge or trial.

Israel arrests Palestinian activists "to finish colonization project"

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
1 March 2013

Jamal Juma’ from the group Stop the Wall believes that every Palestinian known as an activist is a target for Israel.

Podcast: "Israel's drunk with power," says Stop the Wall's Jamal Juma'

Jamal Juma’ of the Stop the Wall campaign talks about grassroots Palestinian resistance to Israel’s escalating colonization project.

Watch: Registration opens for World Social Forum Free Palestine in Brazil

In this video, Palestinians call for participation in the World Social Forum Free Palestine. Happening in Porto Alegre, Brazil at the end of November, the social forum is now open for registration.

Israeli forces raid Ramallah offices of Stop the Wall, steal computers and hard drives

Israeli forces raided Stop the Wall’s Ramallah offices, stealing laptops, hard drives and memory cards related to the organization’s human rights advocacy work.

BDS victory: French transportation giant Alstom loses $10 billion contract due to BDS pressure

French transportation multinational Alstom, which is involved in the illegal Jerusalem Light Rail project, loses a multi-billion-dollar contract due to the sustained pressure by BDS activists.


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