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Why is the American Federation of Teachers promoting Israeli apartheid?

Randi Weingarten, president of 1.5 million-strong teachers union, leads Israel propaganda tours and promotes J Street’s anti-Palestinian agenda.

Jewish activists kicked out of "We Believe in Israel" conference

Three Jewish campaigners were “escorted out” of the UK’s major pro-Israel conference that focused on strategies for combatting BDS.

UK Zionist group Yachad fighting BDS using jailed Palestinian children as props

“Kids Court in Conflict,” sponsored by UK Zionist group Yachad, claims to support Palestinian children but actually backs their oppressors.

J Street attacks Presbyterians over study guide questioning Zionism

“It is time for us all to face up to the dangerous tendencies within political Zionism and the Christian Zionists who prefer to excuse the human rights abuses perpetrated on Palestinians daily.”

Has Abe Foxman lost confidence in American Jews?

About half of American Jews do not think the current Israeli government is making a sincere effort to bring about a peace settlement.

A Northern Ireland solution for Palestine?

As mainstream commenters conclude that the two-state solution for Palestine is finished, some are taking a closer look at Northern Ireland as a model. But how would it work?

B’Tselem “proud” partner of war criminals, enemies of Palestinian rights

Why is a human rights group “proud” to share a stage with such “allies” as Tzipi Livni and Joe Biden who are deeply implicated in Israeli war crimes against Palestinians?

J Street head favors Syria assault, but group's board deeply divided

J Street executive director Jeremy Ben-Ami wanted his organization to endorse a U.S. attack on Syria
Crisis highlights a major rift in the liberal anti-Palestinian advocacy group.

J Street's pipe dreams of peace

Miko Peled
22 May 2013

A prominent Israel lobbyist hears “talk of peace” in the air; what air is he breathing?

Brooklyn College battle reveals hidden agenda of “liberal Zionism”

Max Blumenthal
New York City
12 February 2013

Why are J Street leaders afraid to debate Palestinians advocating a boycott of Israel?


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