Israeli settlers

Why Jews must oppose muzzling of Palestine solidarity activists

Martin R. Federman
9 April 2014

Northeastern University’s suspension of Students for Justice in Palestine cannot be defended.

The scars of Deir Yassin and our determination to survive

Dina Elmuti
7 April 2014

My family’s roots run deep in a village brutally attacked by Zionist forces on 9 April 1948.

Hebron still under siege 20 years after Ibrahimi Mosque massacre

Twenty years ago an American Jewish settler from Brooklyn walked into Hebron’s Ibrahimi Mosque and massacred 29 Palestinian men and boys during Ramadan prayers.

Video: Jewish settlers beat Israeli activist

It is almost unheard of for Israeli occupation forces to hold settlers accountable for violent attacks.

Settler-driven archaeology plan threatens to push Hebron family off farmland

Patrick O. Strickland
23 January 2014

The Israeli government is funding a project designed to further displace Palestinians in Hebron.

Settlers attack Palestinian farmers in first week of olive harvest

An exclusive report from the village of Burqa, where Palestinians face regular settler violence, and an interview with scholar Laleh Khalili on the roots of Israeli colonial control mechanisms in Palestine.

Armed settlers attack mosque, burn cars in West Bank village

Dylan Collins and
Patrick O. Strickland
14 October 2013

Israeli police take no action despite repeated acts of violence.

Israeli occupation leaves psychological not just physical scars

Alia Al Ghussain
11 September 2013

We need to focus more on the psychological war that Israel is waging.

Israel forced me to destroy my own house, says Jerusalem father

Patrick O. Strickland
27 August 2013

Ziad Ameira and his family now live in two small rooms.

Palestinian resolve to cross Israel's wall featured in new film

Sarah Irving
5 July 2013

Filmmaker Khaled Jarrar traces the often heroic attempts made to dodge Israeli soldiers.


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