Israeli Prison Service

Palestinians denied medicines in prisons equipped by G4S, says new report

The British-Danish firm G4S provides most of the surveillance technology used in Israel’s prisons. 

Bill Gates Foundation sells shares in Israeli prison contractor G4S

Young man at protest holds sign protesting G4S
Children are routinely tortured in prisons run with the help of the British-Danish security firm.

Hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners punished by Israel

Crowd hold candles in tent covered with posters of political prisoners
Israel isolates hunger strikers, imposes solitary confinement and denies salts, putting lives of prisoners in jeopardy.

Forging new links to boycott movement in Gaza

Joe Catron
Gaza City
13 December 2013
Man harvests oranges

Corporate Watch’s research trip to Palestine aims to connect young activists in Gaza and those in the west.

Israel bans veteran campaigner for Palestinian prisoners from West Bank

Patrick O. Strickland
1 October 2013

Addameer chairperson Abdullatif Ghaith has been blocked from going to work in his Ramallah office.

Israel bars children over eight from visiting fathers in prison

Joe Catron
Gaza City
10 June 2013

After his eighth birthday next month, Obeida Shamali will be banned from seeing his dad.

Israel charges Stop the Wall activist with supporting prisoners

Patrick O. Strickland
5 June 2013

Hassan Karajah is on trial for organizing protests urging the release of fellow Palestinians.

Prisoners who starved for art honored by Gaza show

Joe Catron
Gaza City
21 May 2013

Abdelfattah Abu Jahil won the “right” to use paintbrushes after living on salt and water for 79 days.

G4S feels the heat of international boycott campaign

G4S is in no rush to end all its contracts in the West Bank and will continue to maintain security equipment in prisons inside Israel.

Dying prisoner treated cruelly by Israeli doctors over many years

Linah Alsaafin
1 April 2013

Maysara Abuhamdia may only have days to live; he has long complained of “intentional negligence” by doctors “treating” Palestinian detainees.


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