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Israel is responsible for "price tag" attacks, not just a few settler extremists

Philip Bato
7 November 2012

Settler attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank are routinely portrayed as the work of isolated extremists, but the reality is very different.

Interview: Israel depriving Bedouins of right to education, says attorney

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
17 September 2012
Despite an Israeli high court ruling to open a high school in a Bedouin village, students remained deprived of basic educational facilities.

Israeli high court decision enables widespread torture of Palestinian detainees

No matter how many hundreds of allegations of torture of Palestinian prisoners by the Shin Bet pile up, the Israeli high court turns a blind eye.

Why I tried to arrest Avigdor Lieberman (again)

I refuse to be silent as the European Union abets Israeli apartheid.

Is Israel preparing to annex most of West Bank?

Jonathan Cook
18 July 2012
Despite its laughable conclusion that Israel is not occupying the West Bank, downplaying the significance of a recently published report by an Israeli judge may prove unwise.

The Electronic Intifada Weekly Podcast featuring Samia Botmeh and Michael Deas - 12 July 2012

This week on the podcast, the global BDS movement celebrates 7 years of victories: we’ll interview two leading BDS organizers in Palestine and in Europe about the significance of the movement; and much more!

Israel orders destruction of entire West Bank village

Ryan Brownell
5 July 2012
Residents of Susya fight to remain on their land as Israel hands down orders to demolish the whole West Bank village.

Israel denies Palestinians in Gaza right to study in West Bank

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
27 June 2012
For twelve years Israel has imposed sweeping bans on Palestinians wanting to travel from Gaza to the West Bank for education.

Farmer spurns Israel's cash offer, refuses to allow settlers on his land

Aghsan Barghouti
8 June 2012
What happens to a small village in the West Bank over the next few weeks will set a precedent about whether Israel will abide by its highest court’s ruling when it comes to dismantling settlements.

American demands justice for her husband, murdered by Israel in broad daylight

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
24 May 2012
An American woman is seeking justice from the Israeli high court for the point-blank killing of her husband in Jerusalem.


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