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Palestinian village faces demolition in South Hebron Hills

Sarah Levy
28 May 2015

An Israeli judge, himself a settler, has given the green light for the destruction of 100 homes.

90 percent of Gaza's water unfit for drinking, says Falk

The UN’s special rapporteur sounds the alarm over Palestinian water scarcity.

Stop playing by Israel's rules, aid workers urged

15 January 2013
Groups trying to help Palestinians should not ask the occupier for permits.

Palestinians risk death to work without permits in Israel

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
26 September 2012
As Israel dismantles Gaza’s economy, job opportunities also shrink for the West Bank’s Palestinians.

Israel orders destruction of entire West Bank village

Ryan Brownell
5 July 2012
Residents of Susya fight to remain on their land as Israel hands down orders to demolish the whole West Bank village.

Farmer spurns Israel's cash offer, refuses to allow settlers on his land

Aghsan Barghouti
8 June 2012
What happens to a small village in the West Bank over the next few weeks will set a precedent about whether Israel will abide by its highest court’s ruling when it comes to dismantling settlements.

An unnatural thing: Israeli occupation plans to cut trees in the name of natural preservation

The Wadi Qana belongs to the village of Deir Istya, but the Israeli occupation controls its fate. After labeling it a “natural reserve,” the occupation authorities have ordered the destruction of nearly 2,000 of its trees.

EU denounces Israel's destruction of aid projects in West Bank

Daan Bauwens
17 May 2012
Some analysts say that Israel is deliberately targeting European Union-funded projects in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip for demolition.

Israel threatens to demolish German-funded solar energy systems in West Bank

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
30 March 2012
At least 500 Palestinians face total electricity cuts after Israel issued stop-work orders on solar panel and wind turbine systems in the South Hebron Hills, while illegal settlements in the area are provided with electricity and water.

2,600 Bedouins threatened with displacement as Israeli settlements expand

Sophie Crowe
7 February 2012
Twenty Bedouin communities in the Jerusalem area, in which 2,600 persons live, are facing displacement to make way for Israeli settlement expansion


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