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A confused and contradictory film on how foreigners “help” Palestine

Sarah Irving
3 February 2014

Chloe Ruthven doesn’t appear to have done basic homework for her movie Do-Gooders.

ADL issues 2013 list of top 10 "anti-Israel groups"

There are some surprising inclusions and omissions on the Zionist group’s latest list.

Harrowing video shows Israeli soldiers arresting Hebron children

Boy wails with fright as he is dragged away by heavily armed soldiers.

Video: Israeli soldiers blindfold and arrest young boy in Hebron

Armed Israeli settlers confront internationals who ask soldiers why they arrested Palestinian child.

Rachel Corrie's legacy highlights continuing role of bulldozers that crush Gaza

Joe Catron
18 March 2013

The American activist is remembered fondly by many Palestinians ten years after her death.

Justice for Vittorio in Gaza, but Israeli impunity continues

My reflections on the verdict of Vik’s murderers which came as we were commemorating the 30th anniversary of Sabra and Shatila.

Rachel Corrie trial verdict a failed attempt to criminalize solidarity

Mohammad Zeidan
31 August 2012
An Israeli court ruling that Rachel Corrie was responsible for her own death is a manifestation of the disregard for human rights that dominates all Israeli institutions.

A life brutally cut short: new book collects Tom Hurndall's photos of Palestine

Asa Winstanley
11 June 2012
A collection of photographs charts the personal and political journey of Tom Hurndall, a British photography student and activist shot in the head by an Israeli sniper in 2003.

To Your Living Soul, Vittorio Arrigoni

I wrote this five days after Vittorio Arrigoni was murdered. I was still under shock. After a year from his departure, I still find it difficult to accept that he’s dead. But what I know for sure is that he’ll be remembered forever and his soul is always with us inspiring us and pushing us forward.


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