International Court of Justice

Transporter of Israeli settlement goods benefits from EU science grant

Brussels officials are refusing to investigate why they approved a subsidy to a freight company bringing food from illegal colonies to Europe’s supermarkets.

International court should rule on Israeli “apartheid,” says UN official

Richard Falk’s report puts forward ample evidence that Israel commits the crime of apartheid against Palestinians.

Dutch firm's settlement investments violate the law and must end

Jeff Handmaker,
Karin Arts and
Irene van Staveren
18 February 2014

In addition to being illegal, investing in Israeli settlements risks Dutch citizens’ pensions.

Is EU stepping up police cooperation with Israel?

Despite the absence of an intelligence-sharing agreement, Israel is taking part in many of Europol’s activities.

Why did BBC let Simon Schama make "moral case for Israel" unchallenged?

Well-known historian tells viewers to be “nearly silent” on Zionist crimes.

EU awards new science grant to occupation profiteer Ahava

Brussels officials appear more interested in curing wrinkles than respecting international law.

BBC admits downplaying the scale of Israel's occupation

Why are BBC presenters telling audiences that only part of the West Bank is occupied?

Settlers erect new outpost on Palestinian village land to block court-ordered wall reroute

A few days after the new outpost was erected on the land of Jayyous, Caterpillar equipment paved the way for the wall’s new route.

NYT denies reality of Israeli occupation

An editor in the “journal of record” has defended how the paper apes Israeli references to “disputed territories.”

G4S equips the apartheid wall, Israel confirms

Eight years after it was declared illegal by the International Court of Justice, Israel’s wall in the West Bank is still being serviced by a British-Danish firm.


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