International Committee of the Red Cross

Gaza rallies in support of critically ill prisoner

Joe Catron
Gaza City
7 February 2014

The Israeli authorities have refused to give Ibrahim Bitar’s family full details about his condition.

Israel destroying emergency shelters of home demolition victims, says Red Cross

The Red Cross has suspended distribution of tents and shelter materials to Palestinian victims of Israeli home demolitions in the occupied West Bank’s Jordan Valley because Israeli occupation forces are habitually destroying or confiscating them.

Risking their lives to save lives: Gaza's first responders

Joe Catron
Gaza City
16 April 2013

Promises of aid to civil defense services have not been kept.

Israel “tried to banish me for 28 years,” says hunger striker Ayman Sharawna

Joe Catron
Gaza City
25 March 2013

During the last month of his protest, Sharawna’s captors only allowed him use the bathroom twice a day.

Podcast: Hundreds protest outside Israeli jail in solidarity with hunger striking prisoners

Palestinians launch protests across the West Bank demanding the release of political prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails.

Fresh evidence of how Volvo bulldozers damage farms, uproot families

The Swedish corporation boasts of being able to monitor the whereabouts of its vehicles; why doesn’t it use this ability to cease assisting the Israeli occupation?

Gaza fisherman jailed for serving Hamas coffee

Eva Bartlett
Gaza City
18 December 2012

A restaurant worker who served officials in the Gaza administration has been abducted at sea.

“They enjoy breaking mothers' hearts over their sons”: Gaza mourns a detainee’s mother

Aisha Islieh, a detainee’s mother, died on the bus on her way to see her son Yahya after 5 years of a ban on family visits by Israel.

Palestinians Owe Ban Ki-moon No Apologies

After this “disrespectful welcome” of Ban Ki-moon by the angry families of prisoners and martyrs, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) shamefully sent apologies to him. But I’ll allow myself to speak on behalf of Palestinians and say proudly: “We make no apologies!” And I add: “The PLO doesn’t represent us.” Palestinians aren’t the ones who should apologize.

Israeli ban on family visits to Gazan prisoners violates international law

Israel has banned family visits to Gazan prisoners since June 2007. Israel tries to bargain about this right with the Red Cross, according to Palestinian Human Rights organization Addameer. This is unacceptable and Addameer calls for international action to put pressure on the Israeli Government.


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