Watch the video on Israeli racism The New York Times didn't want you to see

Israel’s officially-incited racism against Africans and Palestinians is no secret. So why does it rarely make its way into mainstream media?

“May you be raped in your grave,” says new darling of Israel’s ruling Likud party

“I’m proud to be racist,” says Anti-African mob leader embraced by Tel Aviv local election campaign of Israel’s ruling Likud party.

Palestinian Media Watch's "biased" director no expert, rules Israeli court

The director of an influential right-wing Israeli organization that monitors Palestinian media has been undermined by an Israeli court which recently ruled he is not an expert.

Blog linked to Israeli army calls for murder of Palestinian children

“He should have been shot and killed already,” Israeli army-linked blogger says of Palestinian child arrested four times.

Video: Israeli mob celebrates savage beating of Palestinian man, shouts racist slogans

An Israeli mob celebrates on a day when a Palestinian man was savagely beaten in an apparent racist attack.

Biased new study skirts around racism in Israeli school books

Nurit Peled-Elhanan
12 February 2013

Western academics get offended when Palestinians use terms like “colonialism.”

On the latest raw Arab-hatred of Israel’s “centrist” political star Yair Lapid

Don’t think this is raw bigotry? Just switch it around: imagine the reaction if any politician from any “democracy” declared that there were too many Jews.

Bombing Gaza “into a parking lot” a “natural” thought for Israel backers, says Forward’s Jay Michaelson

Can you imagine the reaction if any prominent advocate for Palestinian human rights said that it was “natural” to “entertain a thought of turning Tel Aviv into a parking lot”?


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