Will Israelis filmed killing Palestinian teens on Nakba Day get away with murder?

Olivia Watson
14 May 2015

Israel is using lethal force as a matter of policy.

Israel clears police in videotaped killing of Palestinian in Galilee village

Kheir Hamdan is one of at least 51 Palestinian citizens of Israel killed by police since October 2000. 

UN finds Israel killed dozens at Gaza schools but ducks call for accountability

Inquiry confirms that at least 44 Palestinians were killed and 227 injured in Israeli attacks on UN shelters during last summer’s assault on Gaza.

Jerusalem teen killed by Israeli forces in “cold blood,” family says

Ali Abu Ghannam has become the first Palestinian child to be killed by Israeli occupation forces this year.

New York jury finds Palestinian Authority liable for “terrorism”

 In a case criticized as highly prejudicial, the PA and PLO are found liable for terrorism and ordered to pay $655.5 million.

Why the PA can be sued in the US for “terrorism” but Israel can't

The civil suit against the Palestinian Authority that began this month demonstrates the stark prejudices that inform the prosecution of “terrorism” in US courts.

ICC preliminary probe on Palestine still a long way from war crimes trials

International Criminal Court takes first, small step on long and obstacle-filled road to justice for Palestinian victims of Israeli war crimes.

Palestinians in Israel call for strike after youth killed by police

Sami al-Jaar is the 49th Palestinian citizen of Israel killed by police since October 2000, according to rights groups. 

Naftali Bennett and the Qana massacre

What role did rising star of Israeli politics Naftali Bennett play in the 1996 massacre of more than 100 people at the UN base in Qana, Lebanon?


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