IDF Spokesperson

Remixed: the Israeli army infographic that claimed stone-throwing is “Palestinian terror”

A ludicrous Israeli army graphic on Palestinian “terror” included stone-throwing. A remixed version documents just how much real terror — by Israel — Palestinians face.

Israeli army spokesperson's inaccuracy exposed, as judge releases Palestinian detained in Hebron

Earlier this week, an Israeli military court judge ordered the release of a Palestinian whose violent arrest by non-uniformed Israeli soldiers a month ago was captured on video.

What the "IDF Spokesperson" doesn't like tweeting about Gaza

While the IDF Spokesperson is eager to share information about goods going in to Gaza, there is a remarkable reluctance to answer questions about how many goods are being exported out of Gaza.

Israeli army official speakers misinform their readers on Twitter

I am getting sick of the idea that the Israeli army spokespersons are allowed to tweet wrong information, mock dead people, tweet outdated

Israeli army harasses press crew, beats a B’Tselem female volunteer, and lies to foreign media

Yesterday was another violent Friday in the village of Nabi Saleh as the weekly protests against settlement expansion continues. As always, the demonstration was met with tear gas, disgusting skunk chemicals and rubber-coated metal bullets. Disregarding cases of suffocation, 20 injuries were reported.

The numbers speak for themselves

An attempt to justify Israel’s war crimes in Gaza avoids the evidence, and instead plays a flawed numbers game.

Israel army releases photographic proof of Flotilla "Threat to Israel"

In a move intended to convince skeptics to finally accept Israel’s claims that the Gaza Freedom Flotilla 2 poses a real danger, the Israeli military spokesperson’s office has issued photographic evidence in a blog post titled “Flotilla II Seeks Provocation, Poses Threat to Israel.”

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