Israeli universities lend support to Gaza massacre

Two leading Israeli universities are offering strong support for Israel’s ongoing massacre in Gaza, examples of the complicity that has led Palestinians to call for academic boycott.

Israel forced me to destroy my own house, says Jerusalem father

Patrick O. Strickland
27 August 2013

Ziad Ameira and his family now live in two small rooms.

ICAHD endorses one-state solution, warns against "warehousing" of Palestinians

ICAHD concludes that with no prospect of a “two-state solution,” the only options are apartheid, “warehousing” or a single state.

New book "Freedom Sailors" provides riveting account of siege-breaking journey to Gaza

Rod Such
21 August 2012
Freedom Sailors is a first-hand account of the first successful attempt to break the Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip by sailing two boats into Gaza City in 2008.

"We will rebuild": Hebron family resists unrelenting settler violence

Emily Lawrence
3 February 2012
Despite chronic attacks on their homes and property by settlers, while Israeli forces continue to confiscate more and more land to serve the nearby settlement, the Jaber family hold fast to both their heritage and their future.
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