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Video: Palestinian woman risks life to rescue injured youth in Gaza

The incident occurred in Shujaiya, site of an Israeli massacre. Meanwhile, another video has emerged showing Israeli soldiers and mystics dancing as they adorn artillery shells with blessings.

US State Department blames Hamas for Israel's murder of Gaza children

“Hamas is putting their own people in Gaza at risk,” State Department spokesperson tells journalists who challenged US government position.

Children die playing football, in taxi with grandma, as Israel bombs Gaza for tenth day

Wednesday’s carnage brought the toll since Israel began its assault to 220 Palestinians killed and 1,570 injured.

Kidnapped Palestinian teen was burned to death, autopsy shows

The news of the horrifying manner in which Muhammad Abu Khudair was killed came after thousands turned out for his funeral.

“My dearly loved Nadim was murdered in cold blood by Israeli soldiers”

With no justice system available for Palestinians living under Israeli occupation, Siam Nuwara has launched a public campaign and petition called “No Visas for Killers.”

Swiss army knifes Palestinians with Israeli drone deal

Swiss purchase of Israeli drones “field-tested” on Palestinians exposes as propaganda country’s claim to promote peace, human rights.

Amnesty urges Abbas to drop criminal charges against Palestinian boycott activists

Palestinian Authority crackdown against grassroots activists must also be seen in light of Mahmoud Abbas’ high-profile opposition to the boycott of Israel.

Odeh Hamad, shot dead by Israel on his birthday

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
14 May 2014

The 27-year-old Palestinian in Gaza was doing nothing more sinister than trying to earn a living.


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