Hosni Mubarak

How Israel and Mubarak stole billions of gas dollars from the Egyptian people

Up to 11 billion dollars was lost due to corrupt gas deals brokered with Israeli intelligence agents.

Did Hamas really help the Muslim Brotherhood break open Egypt's prisons?

Contrary to current accusations, a judicial report found that it was Mubarak’s Minister of Interior who ordered the prisons to be opened.

Why are Egyptian media demonizing Palestinians?

Hanine Hassan
23 July 2013

Egyptian elite’s turn against the Palestinian people has deep roots in the peace treaty with Israel.

Mass demolition as Israel ethnically cleanses Naqab desert

Reporter Jillian Kestler-D’Amours talks about Israel’s historic and ongoing plans to forcibly displace the Palestinian Bedouin communities in the Naqab region.

Cairo remains dependent on US aid, says scholar of Egyptian foreign policy

Sarah Irving
10 April 2013

Making Egypt more critical towards Israel requires a “structural change” within Egypt itself.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has reneged on promises to Palestine

Amira Howeidy
21 March 2013

Egypt’s policies toward Gaza are a barometer of the country’s foreign policy independence since the fall of Mubarak.

Ireland's elite abets Israel's crimes

Why has Dublin’s best-known university, Trinity College, teamed up with Israel’s war industry?

Egypt reopens border crossing with Gaza -- for now

Eva Bartlett
Rafah Crossing
4 September 2012
Palestinians are cautious about the future of freedom of movement between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

Hopes for freedom of movement dashed, once again, in Gaza

Rami Almeghari
28 August 2012
Palestinians in Gaza, half of whom are under 18 and more than a million dependent on food aid, were optimistic about Egypt’s new president. Their hopes for support are now quickly fading.

Pointing to Syria to divert attention from Israel's crimes

Jamil Sbitan
20 April 2012
The Israeli government and its supporters now feel justified in exploiting the Syrian people’s suffering and resistance in order to further their own political agenda, depicting Israel as a “vibrant democracy” in comparison to Syria.


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