How historian Shlomo Sand "stopped being a Jew"

Rod Such
15 September 2014

The Israeli author and academic lives in what he describes as “one of the most racist societies in the Western world.”

Collaborating with Mahmoud Darwish without his consent

Sarah Irving
23 May 2014

A new book of poetry makes demands of the celebrated late Palestinian poet.

Solidarity saved me from the Nazis; that's why I fight Israeli apartheid

Suzanne Weiss
26 November 2013

We should all support the international day of action against Israel’s Prawer Plan.

Brutality is “in my veins,” says former Israeli soldier

Israelis should accept that they are not victims, according to Breaking the Silence activist Noam Chayut.

New film on Nazi links to Zionism sidesteps the toughest questions

Terri Ginsberg
7 November 2012

Despite purporting to tackle propaganda, documentary The Flat adheres closely to the acceptable parameters of Zionist discourse.

Drones provide backdrop to Bible-inspired play by Palestinian writer

Sarah Irving
6 June 2012
A new play takes a poetic, violent, poignant take on the Biblical story of Abraham.

Israeli police forcibly prevent Nakba event and Israeli high schoolers cheer for Nazis

Last night in Tel Aviv, police forcible prevented a group of Israelis from peacefully and silently commemorating the Nakba – the 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestine. This came just days after hundreds of Israeli high school students caused consternation by loudly cheering for Nazis as they watched a play on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Salaita skewers liberalism in "Israel's Dead Soul"

Raymond Deane
10 June 2011
Steven Salaita is an associate professor of English at Virginia Tech who has written several books on the failure of liberal civil rights discourse to counter anti-Arab racism, particularly in the United States. In his new book, Israel’s Dead Soul, he evaluates the potential complicity between enlightened ideals and their opposite.

Review: Finkelstein's transformation to victim hero in "American Radical"

Max Blumenthal
15 March 2010

With unfettered access to Norman Finkelstein during the most dramatic stage of his career, American Radical: the trials of Norman Finkelstein directors David Ridgen and Nicolas Rossier provide a compelling look at one of the most roundly vilified academics in recent American history. Max Blumenthal reviews the new documentary for The Electronic Intifada.

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