“This is apartheid”: rapper Jasiri X on visit to Palestine

Amira Asad
10 February 2014

Harassment of Palestinians resembles “stop-and-frisk” policies targeted towards African Americans.

WATCH: Hip hop artist Jasiri X video “Checkpoint”

Hip hop artist Jasiri X recently participated in a delegation to Palestine with other Black American artists, activists, writers and academics.

Hip hop (still) lives in Palestine - Listen to album preview

Listen to a preview of “Ongoing Culture,” a forthcoming album by Gaza hip hop artists.

Poet Kevin Coval: young Jews should stand with Palestine

Alexander Billet
10 June 2013

Poet Kevin Coval denounces Israeli rap star for “making Zionism chic.”

Video: Rare public hip-hop performance in Gaza City

Hip-hop is not new to Gaza, but in recent years public performances have been nonexistent. But last week Gaza rappers Revolution Makers and Antara broke that silence with a rare public performance at the Palestine Festival of Literature.

Why Taglit-Birthright doesn't deserve hip-hop

The organization dedicated to indoctrinating young Jews with chauvinistic Zionism is now planning “hip-hop trips.” It’s a travesty.

DAM’s new album “Dabke on the Moon”: an interview with Tamer Nafar

DAM’s Tamer Nafar talks to EI about their new album, Dabke on the Moon.

Rappers Talib Kweli and Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) give a lyrical shout-out to Palestine

Black Star held their fists high and declared, “Let’s get free just like the Palestinians!”

Reflection of the struggle: Excentrik explores his Palestinian-American identity on new album

Alexander Billet
19 June 2012
Surpassing genre categorization, the eclectic Excentrik (Tarik Kazaleh) vividly juxtaposes dual identities, politics and culture in his new album.

Interview: rapper Sphinx on why Egypt uprising had a hip-hop soundtrack

Alexander Billet
24 January 2012
Hesham Alofoq (aka Sphinx) of the Egyptian hip-hop group Arabian Knightz speaks to The Electronic Intifada about the history of hip-hop in Egypt and the Middle East, the future of the Egyptian uprising, and the role that music plays in the revolt.


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