Haneen Zoabi

Israeli police arrest Jerusalem students in crackdown on Palestinian campus movement

Yara Sa'di
18 March 2013

Four Hebrew University students arrested in less than two weeks.

Palestinian citizens wearily eye Israeli elections

Jonathan Cook
18 January 2013

The government formed after next week’s election could be even more racist towards Palestinians than the current one.

Palestinian youth activists in Haifa, Akka: “Gaza is not alone in this struggle”

Sawsan Khalife'
the Galilee
21 November 2012

Israel has arrested several Palestinian citizens following Gaza solidarity demonstrations.

"Anti-Semitism" smear is about targeting MK Haneen Zoabi, even though it uses me

Today I was surprised to find myself being used in the campaign to threaten Zoabi, with Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot running a pathetic smear piece.

Incitement intensifies against Arab MKs - are threats encouraging physical attacks?

Open incitement against Arab Members of Knesset has reached new heights, creating an atmosphere of real danger to the political work - and physical safety - of these elected members of the Palestinian minority.

Delegitimizing discrimination: struggle of Palestinians in Israel focus of new book

Rod Such
4 January 2012
Palestinians in Israel: Segregation, Discrimination, and Democracy by Ben White links the struggle of Palestinians within Israel with those in the occupied West Bank and Gaza and the global diaspora.

Israeli policies disconnect Palestinian political prisoners from their families

Ameer Makhoul writes from Gilboa jail about Israeli policies that aim to disconnect the Palestinian prisoners from their families, friends, and solidarity people. He calls for an international fact-finding mission of human rights organizations.

Exclusive: Leaked emails show Israel role in UK plot to ban Raed Salah

Asa Winstanley
27 October 2011
A UK immigration court ruled yesterday that popular Palestinian leader Sheikh Raed Salah could be deported from the country, after being banned by Home Secretary Theresa May in June. The Electronic Intifada can now also exclusively reveal new details of an Israeli government role in the UK plot to exclude Salah.


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