Another stillborn Palestinian “reconciliation”

Why the Hamas-Fatah deal signed in Gaza today will not produce the national unity Palestinians crave.

Syria rebels and regime share blame for Yarmouk catastrophe

Rebel and regime crimes against Palestinians in Syria detailed in latest edition of the Journal of Palestine Studies.

Hopes for Fatah-Hamas reconciliation grow, despite ongoing repression

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
21 January 2014

Mothers who lost sons in Fatah-Hamas clashes still hope rift can be mended.

Closure of tunnels deprives Gaza of $230 million per month, says government

Khaled Alashqar
Gaza City
13 January 2014
Thousands have been affected by the actions of Egypt’s military.

The immense cruelty of Ariel Sharon

Claims that the prime minister coveted peace are a travesty.

Searching for light on Gaza's dark streets

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
19 December 2013

Without electricity, we cannot resist the occupation.

New evidence hoped to free Holy Land Five

Humanitarians were prosecuted because of donations to Islamic charities in Palestine.

Unlicensed banks provide "safety net" to besieged Gaza

Hana Salah
Gaza Strip
29 October 2013

Public sector employees are receiving their salaries against the odds.

Palestinian arrested in Chicago because of her community activism, groups say

A pillar in Chicago’s Palestinian community faces jail time and deportation over a conviction by an Israeli military court more than four decades ago.

How the FBI blacklisted US' largest Muslim civil rights group

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
22 October 2013

Tenuous evidence used to smear Council on American-Islamic Relations.


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