Haifa University

Right-wing politician tries to close down Palestinian theater in Haifa

Does the portrayal of Arabs as human beings frighten Israel’s establishment? 

Warmongering Hebrew University tries to muzzle Palestinian students

Yara Sa'di
10 October 2014

After threatening peaceful protesters, the Israeli university signed a cooperation deal with a leading weapons-maker.

“Warrior students”: How Israeli universities are supporting war crimes in Gaza

Israeli universities are shouldering part of the cost of Operation Protective Edge, and are thereby are complicit in any damage done in Gaza in the course of it.

Court stops Israeli university suspension of Palestinians for commemorating Nakba

Patrick O. Strickland
22 May 2014

Right-wing extremists “get a free pass” to intimidate Palestinian students.

Haifa University drowns out Nakba commemoration with dance music

Sawsan Khalife'
Shefa Amr
13 May 2014

Students forcibly dispersed by police during silent gathering to mark expulsion of Palestinians.

Israel's Dublin embassy, notorious for racist gaffes, wins online diplomacy prize

While award elicits well-deserved mockery, it also highlights ongoing complicity between Israeli academic institutions and government anti-Palestinian propaganda initiatives.

"Hasbara" courses at Israeli universities exposed in new report

Yara Sa'di
15 July 2013

Academic programming to promote Israel’s image abroad shows apartheid state’s desperation.

Palestinian students "surrounded by guns" at Israeli universities

Sawsan Khalife'
22 February 2013

Militarization has become part of the “academic landscape” in Israel, according to a Palestinian rights activist.

Apartheid college inspires EU "terrorism" project

Haifa University discriminates against Palestinian students, yet is regarded as a good source of information by a European team focused on Internet surveillance.

Israel's repression of Palestinian students reached new level during Gaza attack

Yara Sa'di
28 November 2012

Behavior of Israeli universities demonstrates academy’s support for state violence.


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