Israeli secret police holding journalist in cell with no bed or window

Despite the lifting of the gag order and the ban on meeting with lawyers, Kayyal has been ordered held until 22 April. Adalah has said it will file an appeal to seek his immediate release.

Rolling Stones accused of hypocrisy as Tel Aviv gig announced

The Palestinian national boycott committee says that the Rolling Stones’ planned gig is much like those few artists who played Sun City during the era of South African apartheid.

UN says 300,000 Palestinians in mooted Israeli annexation area

New UN statistics render Israeli politician’s annexation plan impossible.

NYU silent after Israel bans Palestinian student from “coexistence” program

Its silence contrasts with university leaders’ loud condemnations of calls for the boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

Arms dealers sniff opportunities as French president visits Israel

Drones will almost certainly be on the agenda when François Hollande meets Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel beefs up embassies with dedicated boycott fighters

Israel is already monitoring Palestinian solidarity campaigns abroad. Now it is ramping up its efforts to stop them.

Why did BBC let Simon Schama make "moral case for Israel" unchallenged?

Well-known historian tells viewers to be “nearly silent” on Zionist crimes.

Dutch government advises firm to pull out of East Jerusalem sewage plant

Engineering company Royal HaskoningDHV risks losing public contracts if it aids Israel’s settlement activities.

Could Israeli propaganda chief be promoted despite insulting Japan?

Daniel Seaman’s LinkedIn page says he now works in the Prime Minister’s Office.


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