Günter Grass

Israel rides the rollercoaster of mass hysteria

Ilan Pappe
18 April 2012
French grandmas, a retired poet and nuclear holocaust are all threats of the same magnitude in the post-modern world of the current captains of the Israeli Titanic.

Why are Palestinians paying for Germany's sins?

Susan Abulhawa
14 April 2012
While Palestinians continue to be robbed of their land, heritage and human rights to atone for Germany’s sins, Germany unreservedly supports Israel.

Poem sparks debate about whether Germany should absolve Israel's crimes

Raymond Deane
9 April 2012
Whatever the literary qualities of Günter Grass’s poem, it testifies to his lingering literary eminence that it has engendered such a colossal backlash, to the point that he has now been banned from Israel.

What the Günter Grass controversy says about censorship in Europe

Zionists and their supporters control large chunks of the media in the EU’s three largest countries.
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