Greece's new government should halt energy cooperation with Israel

Severing ties with apartheid Israel is a key challenge for the European left.

New short film reflects brutal life of Palestinian refugees in Greece

Mahdi Fleifel’s Xenoz shows ugly truth about Palestinians living on Europe’s streets.

Why Israel has no "better friend" than Italy

Stephanie Westbrook
19 November 2013
The prime minister of Italy Enrico Letta embraces Benjamin Netanyahu.

Military cooperation between the two sides is flourishing.

Palestinian babies are just as precious as my new daughter

The birth of my little girl has reminded me why it’s so important to fight for equality.

EU border agency shops around for Israeli warplanes

Frontex, the European Union’s border management agency, is considering the purchase of drones battle-tested in Gaza.

Hip-hop band DAM supports Palestinian prisoners' actions with new track

Hip Hop group DAM released a new track in support of the Palestinian prisoners actions for justice. Three foreign nationals participate in hunger strike in Gaza and activists in Greece told the Israeli ambassador to stop torture in Israeli jails.

The real reasons Turkey stopped the Mavi Marmara sailing to Gaza last June

Last June, as the Gaza Freedom Flotilla 2 was preparing its attempt to break the illegal Israeli siege of Gaza, many were dismayed when the Mavi Marmara was withdrawn from the flotilla. Why did Turkey do this?

"Dignity" ship remains destined for Gaza

Begoña Astigarraga
13 July 2011
The French vessel Dignité-al Karama is the only boat from the Freedom Flotilla II now sailing for Gaza in an attempt to break the maritime siege imposed by Israel.

How Greece abandoned Palestine

David Cronin
13 July 2011
No doubt, Greece’s refusal to allow the Freedom Flotilla II to set sail for Gaza was partly the result of pressure — and possibly even financial blackmail — from the US and Israel. Nonetheless, it was not an isolated occurrence but the logical consequence of a process that was already underway. David Cronin analyzes for The Electronic Intifada.


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