Ghassan Elashi

Why is US holding Palestinian charity workers in "little Gitmos"?

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
24 July 2014

Lawyers argue that the “Communication Management Unit” regime flouts US ban on cruel punishment.

US confiscating a quarter of “Holy Land Five” wife’s wages

Aviva Stahl
New York City
11 March 2014

Ghassan Elashi’s wife’s garnished wages are the latest example of how far the US is willing to go to silence and scare those involved in Palestinian activism.

Palestinian arrested in Chicago because of her community activism, groups say

A pillar in Chicago’s Palestinian community faces jail time and deportation over a conviction by an Israeli military court more than four decades ago.

Podcast: Case against the Holy Land Five "a co-production with the government of Israel"

Linda Moreno, defense attorney for Ghassan Elashi of the Holy Land Foundation, who was convicted for giving charity to Palestinian women and children, talks about the US Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the case.

"Justice has fled the country": US Supreme Court won't hear Holy Land Five case

The US Supreme Court announced Monday that it had decided not to hear the appeal of the Holy Land Five; EI interviews Michael Ratner of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

As Holy Land 5 appeal begins, Palestinians in Gaza praise charity closed by Bush

Joe Catron
Gaza Strip
24 October 2012
Going to university has become more difficult for Palestinians in Gaza since George W. Bush shut down a charity that helps underprivileged students with fees.

"Let us not be brought down": Last legal recourse for Holy Land Five

Noor Elashi
New York City
24 October 2012
Noor Elashi anticipates this week’s decision by the US Supreme Court whether or not to hear the Holy Land Foundation case, in which her father is a defendant.

Brothers jailed by US and expelled to Gaza speak out

Joe Catron
Gaza City
26 July 2012
Two brothers who were deported to Gaza from the US despite their stateless status say the government is punishing people for opposing foreign policy.

Book review: "Patriot Acts" tells shocking stories of post-9/11 injustice

Maureen Clare Murphy
22 March 2012
Patriot Acts: Narratives of Post-9/11 Injustice tells the stories of individuals in the United States whose rights have been abused as a result of the racist, Islamophobic backlash and the so-called War on Terror that followed the attacks of 11 September 2001.

US Palestinians organize as government renews threats to indict solidarity activists

The US Palestinian Community Network (USPCN) is asking supporters to sign a pledge to defend civil and human rights as it was revealed last week that the lead government prosecutor of the Holy Land Five has been assigned to the ongoing secret investigation against anti-war and international solidarity activists across the US.


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