Gaza siege

British war cemetery not immune to Gaza siege

Joe Catron
Gaza City
17 April 2014

Israel has bulldozed and bombed a century-old war cemetery.

Gaza farmers urge Neil Young not to play Tel Aviv

Canadian rock star has a long history of defending agricultural workers in North America.

US students resist repression of Palestine solidarity on campus

University of Michigan students engage in a sit-in after the student government tables a divestment vote “indefinitely”; Max Geller of Northeastern SJP talks about repression of student activism by the administration and right-wing groups; and a report from Gaza during Israeli Apartheid Week.

Keep on rockin' for freedom, Neil Young, cancel your Tel Aviv show

Robert Lovelace and
Suzanne Weiss
13 March 2014

The veteran rock star should demonstrate the same kind of solidarity to Palestinians that he has shown to Canada’s indigenous people.

Gaza youth defied “smell of death” to form popular band

Khaled Alashqar
Gaza City
12 March 2014

The Watar Band was formed following Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s murderous assault in late 2008 and early 2009.

“The noise in our country is endless,” says new track by Gaza duo Revolution Makers

The prolific and talented Gaza hip hop artists Revolution Makers have put out a new song, accompanied by video art.

International court should rule on Israeli “apartheid,” says UN official

Richard Falk’s report puts forward ample evidence that Israel commits the crime of apartheid against Palestinians.

"Come to sunny Gaza!" BBC tells listeners

Journalist Simon Cox seems blissfully unaware of how Israel has put 1.7 million people under siege.

Video: Constant drones over Gaza "is psychological warfare"

Activist and journalist Eva Bartlett talks about the impact of the Israel-Egypt siege on the economic, agricultural and humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Israeli companies profiting from Gaza siege

A Corporate Watch research trip to Gaza reveals the deprivations of Israel’s siege.


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