Friends of the IDF (FIDF)

Peaceful protest at Connecticut fundraiser for Israeli army prompts police lockdown

Gregory Williams and Daniel Fischer entered Friends of the IDF fundraiser to read testimony from a Gaza mother who had watched her son die.

Islamophobia bankroller behind organizer of Israel junket for US “Muslim leaders”

The Shalom Hartman Institute uses interfaith program as part of effort to turn prominent and emerging US Muslim leaders into apologists for Zionism.

Claims of anti-Semitism vanish as facts emerge in incident at NY-Tel Aviv game

Man who claimed to be the victim of a hate crime in New York is now accused of taking part in an attack on a Palestinian-American woman.

BDS roundup: Activists to protest major fundraiser for the Israeli army

Activists in LA will protest a fundraiser for the Israeli army; African American activists encourage Stevie Wonder to join BDS; and the graduate students’ association at York University adopt a BDS resolution.

Rights groups launch petition to thank Stevie Wonder for canceling Israel army benefit gig

“It is with great joy that we applaud your decision to cancel your performance for the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces.”

Will Israeli apartheid steal Stevie Wonder's soul?

Stevie Wonder’s announcement that he will play at a fundraiser for the Israeli army flies in the face of a really brilliant legacy.

Barbra Streisand to perform at Los Angeles fundraiser for Israeli military

Streisand and former Israeli military Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi — commander of Israel’s attacks on Gaza in 2008-09 — raise money for occupation soldiers this week in LA.
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