forcible transfer

In photos: Defying Israel's demolition orders in the South Hebron Hills

Mohammad Alhaj
16 March 2015

Palestinian families are forced to live in substandard housing.

In photos: Israel destroys protest camp, Palestinians vow to rebuild

Silvia Boarini
Abu Dis
26 February 2015

Gateway to Jerusalem built to stop Netanyahu settlement plan.

Tour guide, political activist banned from his native Jerusalem

Rachelle Friesen
12 December 2014

Daoud al-Ghoul has also been excluded from the entire West Bank.

Israel's residency regime causes "silent transfer" from Jerusalem

Patrick O. Strickland
2 October 2013
Israeli soldiers inspect the IDs of Palestinian men at a checkpoint

Two children left “completely stateless” because of discriminatory practices.

Podcast: Gaza man extrajudicially executed in Israeli drone strike

Rami Almeghari reports from Gaza on Israel’s latest extrajudicial execution; director Annemarie Jacir talks about her new film, When I Saw You; and more.

Israel “tried to banish me for 28 years,” says hunger striker Ayman Sharawna

Joe Catron
Gaza City
25 March 2013

During the last month of his protest, Sharawna’s captors only allowed him use the bathroom twice a day.

Study: Palestinian refugee services slashed despite ongoing displacement

Palestinian refugees are the largest and longest-standing unresolved group of foribly displaced persons in the world.

Israel forces mother to bring up children by phone

5 November 2012

Israeli policy has split countless Palestinian spouses while parents have been forcibly separated from their children.

Israel denies hunger striker Ayman Sharawna medicine despite "serious deterioration" in health

The health of Palestinian prisoner Ayman Sharawna has seriously deteriorated after 88 days of hunger strike, according to rights groups.


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