Hopes for Fatah-Hamas reconciliation grow, despite ongoing repression

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
21 January 2014

Mothers who lost sons in Fatah-Hamas clashes still hope rift can be mended.

Searching for light on Gaza's dark streets

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
19 December 2013

Without electricity, we cannot resist the occupation.

Gaza man "kidnapped" by Israel in Sinai, says family

Joe Catron
Khan Younis
8 October 2013

Wael Abu Rida holds Egyptian nationality but crisis in Cairo means his abduction has gone largely unnoticed there.

Mohammed Assaf: champion of the people or the powerful?

Reem Kelani
29 July 2013

Palestinian musician Reem Kelani explores the musical and political significance of an Arab Idol victory.

What is Tamarrod in Palestine?

Social and mainstream media conflate multiple “Tamarrod” campaigns identified with Palestine when there are at least four with different agendas.

Beautiful normality of Gaza's people shines in new book

Sarah Irving
23 July 2013

Louisa Waugh isn’t afraid to demolish stereotypes about Palestine or to criticize “do-gooders” from the West.

Why PA's new prime minister heads a papier-mâché government

Alaa Tartir
19 June 2013

The Palestinian Authority will never achieve liberation so long as it remains subservient to Israel.

Prisoner Maysara Abuhamdia dies; son accuses PA of betrayal

The Palestinian Authority refused to help Maysara Abuhmadia, his son has alleged.

The PLO has failed Palestinians; let's start again from scratch

Osamah Khalil
21 March 2013

We won’t achieve democracy with a movement that’s not democratic.

Veteran prisoner Maher Younis goes on hunger strike

Maher Younis has been in prison for 31 years; in a message from Gilboa jail, his fellow detainees are demanding his release.


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