Europe's border policy is designed to push refugees into the sea

It’s more apparent than ever that Europe has learned all the wrong lessons from the Holocaust.

African refugees defy desert cold, Israeli internment in march for freedom

Budour Youssef Hassan
27 December 2013

Defying internment and increasing repression, Sudanese and other refugees in Israel are taking matters into their own hands.

Africans denied right to work in Israel

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
Tel Aviv
25 June 2013
Portrait of smiling man

Health ministry inspectors recently poured bleach on food in a restaurant run by refugees.

Israel coerces Africans to sign "voluntary repatriation" forms

Tel Aviv
13 March 2013

The UN’s refugee agency warns that Eritreans could be ill-treated if sent back home.

Africans fear more violence as Knesset members incite racism in Tel Aviv

Mya Guarnieri
Tel Aviv
11 June 2012
Violence against Africans in Israel — and inflammatory rhetoric by Israeli parliamentarians — is nothing new, and is on the rise.

US accused Qatar of funding Somalia's Al Shabab militia, Wikileaks reveals

The United States accused its close ally Qatar of funding the Al-Shabab militia in Somalia, newly released diplomatic cables reveal.

The extraordinary claim was made in a 26 October 2009 meeting between Ambassador Susan Rice, the US Permanent Representative to the United Nations and her Turkish counterpart Ambassador Ertugul Apakan. A US diplomatic cable of minutes of the meeting was leaked by Wikileaks on 24 August.

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