Eric Holder

Arab Bank mounts legal challenge against claims of aiding terror

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
9 July 2013
Men queue in front of bank building

A Jordanian bank accused of providing services to Hamas is petitioning the US Supreme Court.

Palestinians sue US groups over support for settler attacks

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
3 July 2013

A complaint alleging that organizations supporting Israel’s settlements are aiding “terrorism” has been filed with a New York court.

New push to find Alex Odeh's assassins

Alex’s brother Sami Odeh this month passed away after a long illness, but never lost hope the killers would be extradited by Israel and caught.

FBI's penchant for "manufacturing terrorists" probed in new book

Charlotte Silver
20 March 2013

US agency hires infiltrators who turn hapless Muslims into enemies of the state.

US government moves to criminalize Palestine solidarity

In an op-ed published by Al Jazeera English today, I write about the US government’s attempts to criminalize the Palestine solidarity activists — including the State Department’s threats to prosecute activists involved with the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. I also appeared on Al Jazeera English’s The Stream today to discuss FBI raids and subpoenas targeting activists.
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