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Racist ringleaders 2013: Israel's war on Africans intensifies

David Sheen
19 December 2013
Close-up of men wearing winter coats sitting at night

The persecution of asylum-seekers has only got worse this year.

Apartheid imprisonment: Jewish versus Palestinian "security" prisoners

A new Adalah paper outlines the disparity in sentencing and commutation between Jewish and Palestinian “security” prisoners.

Israel coerces Africans to sign "voluntary repatriation" forms

Tel Aviv
13 March 2013

The UN’s refugee agency warns that Eritreans could be ill-treated if sent back home.

Thousands remain without water, power one month after attack on Gaza

Eva Bartlett
Gaza City
26 December 2012

More than $1 billion worth of damage was caused by Israeli offensive in November.

The dirty dozen: Israel's racist ringleaders

David Sheen
12 December 2012

Naming and shaming those most responsible for Israel’s persecution of African refugees.

Six of one, half-a-dozen of the other: Israel's elections are a sham

It was recently announced that new Israeli elections will take place in 2013. But on the issues that matter, there are no real differences between the Zionist parties.

Why I tried to arrest Avigdor Lieberman (again)

I refuse to be silent as the European Union abets Israeli apartheid.

The Electronic Intifada Weekly Podcast - 14 June 2012

In this week’s podcast, an update on the case of hunger striking Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak; Israeli Knesset members incite racist attacks against African asylum-seerkers; and much more.

Sudanese face expulsion; minister declares Israel "belongs to white man"

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
12 June 2012
Israel has begun arresting South Sudanese migrants in preparation for deporting them from the country.

Africans fear more violence as Knesset members incite racism in Tel Aviv

Mya Guarnieri
Tel Aviv
11 June 2012
Violence against Africans in Israel — and inflammatory rhetoric by Israeli parliamentarians — is nothing new, and is on the rise.


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