Edward Said

Academic civility and its discontents

Joseph Massad
9 October 2014
Young people carry signs in support of free speech, academic freedom and reinstatement of Steven Salaita

The battle over Steven Salaita is part of a war against the neoliberal corporatization of higher education.

An accessible look at Darwish's life and work, at long last

Sarah Irving
1 July 2014

Darwish always insisted that his poetry should represent his life story.

On Western "left" appropriation of Palestinian Nakba

“Radical” publisher Verso Books promotes Nakba Day reading list — without any works by Palestinians.

Can a focus on “Palestinian narrative” be dangerous to Palestinian rights?

Sarah Irving
28 March 2014

Anna Bernard expands on Edward Said’s assertion that Israeli and Palestinian literature “cannot be separated.”

Muataz Washaha: Murdered by Israel as "peace" talks continue

Remember Edward Said’s message: more negotiations lead to more concessions.

“We don’t have the luxury to wait” for Israel to change on its own, says Ilan Pappe

Frank Barat
8 December 2013

Campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions is “as good as it gets,” according to the Israeli historian.

Event honoring Edward Said prompts Zionist smear campaign against San Francisco State students

A stencil using a slogan associated with the struggles of indigenous peoples has sparked bizarre accusations of anti-Semitism.

Ten years since Edward Said's passing: listen to his last major speech

Listen to Edward Said’s last major address in the US before his death in 2003.

Palestinians denied a voice in Canadian film set in West Bank

Jimmy Johnson
23 September 2013

Inch’allah focuses mainly on experiences of a young white doctor.

Twenty years on, Palestinians refuse to be defeated by Oslo

The Oslo accords tried to bury the Palestinian cause, and dealt it severe setbacks. But twenty years later, a new generation of Palestinians are reclaiming their struggle.


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