Dump Veolia

Palestine activists score big win as Veolia pulls out of St. Louis

After facing stiff opposition from a coalition of Palestine, environmental and social justice activists, Veolia concluded that doing business in St. Louis is “not worth it.”

Veolia, feeling pressure, launches attack on Israel boycott movement

Veolia says it has sold its Israeli bus lines, but the company is still profiting from Israeli violations of Palestinian rights.

Los Angeles activists put Veolia's complicity with Israel's human rights violations in the spotlight

Boycott campaigners confronted Los Angeles city officials and urged them not to renew contracts with Veolia because of the company’s involvement in Israel’s human rights violations.

Palestine solidarity activists tell Canterbury City Council to dump Veolia

More than a thousand citizens have joined the campaign calling on Canterbury City Council to dump Veolia, including the former Bishop of Dover.

BDS roundup: Los Angeles activists urge city to "Dump Veolia!"

In this week’s news from the global BDS movement, LA activists demand the city “Dump Veolia”; boycott activists tell the Red Hot Chili Peppers why they should cancel their upcoming Tel Aviv gig; and much more.
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