Israel jails Druze conscientious objector for the sixth time

“I will refuse to serve in the army even if I’m jailed sixty times,” says 18-year-old Omar Saad.

Palestinians must resist Israel's efforts to foment sectarianism

Nadim Nashif
26 March 2014

Recent attempts to annex Palestinian Christians as fictional “Israeli Christians” draw on a long history.

The phony pluralism of Israel's universities

Yara Sa'di
17 March 2014

Palestinian students are being exploited as part of a bid to improve Israel’s international image.

Palestinians in Israel reject "colonial, sectarian" law

Israel’s new law denying Palestinian Christians’ Arab identity reminiscent of “apartheid regime in South Africa,” say Palestinian citizens of Israel.

Samer Issawi’s struggle in Israeli jail inspired “entire generation” in Jerusalem

Samer Issawi is released from 17 months in Israeli jail; a report on forced displacement of Palestinians in Haifa; and news headlines.

Israel “tried to brainwash us,” says Druze pioneer who refused army service

Patrick O. Strickland
2 January 2014

The number of conscientious objectors keeps rising as Druze youth see through Israeli propaganda.

Druze youth in military prison for refusing Israeli army draft

“I refuse to take an assault rifle and point it at another human being,” Omar Saad told Amnesty International.

Israeli army recruitment plan aims to incite Christian-Muslim tensions

Jonathan Cook
31 July 2013

Israel wants Palestinians “to be weak, separate religious communities” to divide and conquer, says Palestinian Christian activist.

Growing numbers of Druze refuse to serve in Israel's army

Patrick O. Strickland
20 March 2013

At least four members of the Palestinian Druze community are in jail for rejecting military service.

Druze youth faces jail for refusing to serve in Israel's army

Budour Youssef Hassan
30 October 2012

Musician and high school student Omar Saad insists that his viola is his only weapon in letter to Israeli leaders.


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